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Safety Managements


ANE actively seeks to reduce its impact on the environment. Any threat to the environment from the activities and products used by the Company are identified and either eliminated or effectively Controlled. It is the intention of the Company to ensure the following is carried out so far as practicably possible.

  • Attention will be given to the conservation of rare vegetation during trenching operations
  • Minimise any disturbance to the global environment by encouraging every effort to eliminate, If possible or vigorously reduce the emissions of CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants into the atmosphere.
  • Disposal and transportation of waste from work sites will be carried out in a responsible manner with due regard to environmental considerations.
  • In order to assist in reducing power generation emission the Company will work to improve equipment performance so as to assist in the conservation of energy resources.
  • To ensure that ANE meet or extends all statutory requirements with regard to the Environment.

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